Goalkeepers can score too

Goalkeepers have long been looked at as the last line of defence, the difference between 3 points and none. But occasionally the can turn into goal scorer as they race up the park in the dying minutes to try to rescue a point or the cause for their team. Everyone will remember a moment when their goalie, whether it be Joe Hart or Peter Schmeichel, running up from the back with seconds left on the clock in a desperate attempt to get on the end of a corner kick or free kick. Nine times out of ten their efforts end in failure as they are unable to get onto the cross but sometimes they come up trumps and become the hero.

In the recent match between Toulouse and Rennes in the French Ligue 1, Toulouse goalkeeper Ali Ahamada became that hero as he ran the length of the pitch in stoppage time  (95th minute) at the end of the game and managed to get onto a last gasp free kick and head the ball past his opposite number, Benoit Costil in the Rennes goal to level the match at 2-2.

The goal from Ali Ahamada not only rescued a point for his team and helped them to 7th in the league but spared the blushes of his teammate Etienne Didot who earlier had scored an own goal to put struggling Rennes 2-1 ahead and in the driving seat towards 3 much-needed points. But it wasn’t to be, the points were to be shared and Ali Ahamada would be remembered as one of only a handful of goal scoring goalkeepers.

To watch the goal itself, please use the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTz4cMhP16k


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