Now That’s How You Volley!! Spaniard Lucas Shows Us How It’s Done

Nine times out of ten, the volley is a hit and hope. But occasionally, the player connects with the ball perfectly and it flies into the net, past the stranded goalkeeper. It’s a hard art to master but making sure your technique is perfect is the key to a great volley. For most players, they dream about the perfect shot when natural ability meets timing with a little bit of luck thrown in. For spanish midfielder Lucas Perez Martinez, or better known as just Lucas, that time came on Sunday as his club team, FC Karpaty Lviv played against FC Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih in the Ukrainian Premier League.

Going into the match, Karpaty had been on a poor run of form, sitting 3rd from bottom in the league with only 10 points from their first 13 games. Desperately needing a win and three valuable points, they entered the match against 4th from bottom Kryvbas with Bulgarian manager, Nikolay Kostov fighting to keep his job. He needed a performance from his team and that is exactly what he got. His team outclassed, out passed and outplayed Kryvbas, beating them by 6-0 with Lucas the star of the show with a hat trick.

Leading 4-0 at half time, courteous of goals from Georgian Levan Kenia, Ukrainian striker Oleksandr Gladkiy, Bosnian playmaker Semir Štilić and one from Lucas, Karpaty were sent out in the second half to finish the game off in style. And Lucs duly obliged with their 5th goal of the night and his 2nd. Following some good attacking play, Karpaty were awarded a corner kick on the far side. Ukrainian midfielder Pavlo Ksyonz, playing at right back for this game went over to take the corner. Spotting Lucas running in towards the 18 yard box on the far side, he took a quick floated cross towards the sprinting Spaniard. Lucas, slowed his pace slightly, watching the path of the ball as it fell and with one swift motion, connected perfectly on the volley with the ball which flew into the next, past the diving Vitaliy Reva in the Kryvbas goal.

Lucas sealed a fantastic performance by his team and by himself by collecting his hat trick with a minute to go and picking up the man of the match award as well. Lucas is already receiving media attention for the goal as it captures the imagination of thousands around the globe. That strike alone may send several club scouts to Ukraine to check out this unknown Spaniard.

To see the volley, click here now:


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