Training Ground Brawl threatens to Derail Dynamo’s season

The two players are seperated by their teammates (Image from Youtube)In any season, there are bound to be disagreements between the players. These inflated much rich ego’s aren’t used to others having an opinion different from their own so occasionally sparks fly. But when the light tempered banter becomes more ferocious and fists begin to fly, that’s when trouble can emerge within any given club. Having two players at each others throats can not only disrupt the harmony within the squad but potentially derail an entire season if left untreated. We have seen in the past examples of players disagreeing on the pitch but it’s very rarely footage of training ground bust ups emerges. Roberto Mancini’s now famous bust up with Mario Balotelli left a bad taste in both men’s mouths, so much so that a few months later Balotelli was packing his bags for Milan. In a battle of the men, Mancini clearly won on this occasion.

Mancini and Balotelli lock horns (Image by Eamonn and James Clarke)
Mancini and Balotelli lock horns
(Image by Eamonn and James Clarke)

That incident was triggered by an appalling late tackle by Balotelli on Scott Sinclair which Mancini took exception too. However some incidents like the one witness on the Dynamo Kiev training pitch early this week come from nowhere. As the camera panned onto Nigerian striker Frank Temile, he appeared to be talking to teammate and fellow striker, Dmitry Korkishko.  Within seconds Korkishko threw his fist at Temile’s face, resulting in the two grabbing hold of each other in a scrap. As the two tumbled to the ground, throwing punches at each other, teammates ran over to separate the duo which eventually needed eight of them to do so. Temile looks enraged as he was helped to his feet and had to be restrained by Portuguese midfielder Miguel Veloso.

Punches fly in Kiev (Image from Youtube
Punches fly in Kiev (Image from Youtube

The duo will likely be fined by the club for their actions and asked politely to apologize to each other. Nobody is sure what triggered the clash but the management staff at Dynamo will be hoping that this is the end of it. With Kiev chasing down Shakhtar Donetsk in the league and competing in Europe as well in the Champions League, they will need their players back as one unit to reach their goals. If not, Kiev’s season could go into free fall and the club could find itself in another fight, this time against relegation.

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