Wrong Move For Rooney Could Be Fatal

Next Move? Wayne Rooney (Image from MUFC)With Wayne Rooney likely to tell new Manchester United manager David Moyes of his intentions to leave the club, speculation around where he will end up has already begun.  With a £25million pound price tagged attached to his head and wages rumoured to be around £200k a week, only a few clubs can realistically entertain the possibility of adding Rooney to their squads. Each of these teams need him for a variety of reasons but few will interest Rooney and more importantly his wife. For instance, a move to Russia with Anzhi will surely not appeal to Colleen as much as one to Paris, London or Madrid might. PSG, Arsenal and Real Madrid have all been linked with the England striker but its potentially a move to Monaco to link up with Falcao in their new look attack that has the most appeal.

PSG bound? Rooney has options  (Image from AFP)
PSG bound? Rooney has options
(Image from AFP)

Either way, if Rooney is to leave Manchester, it has to be for the right reasons which unfortunately it looks like it wont be. Rooneys form has dipped this season, almost as much as his popularity with the fans. Requesting a move at the start of last season, in truth to get the club to fork out more in weekly wages to him has not done his image much good. This granted was an image already damaged around the edges with stories of Waynes infidelities with escorts and grannies alike over the years tarnishing his poster boy persona. Rooney, thankfully aware that he could never look that bad whilst John Terry was still playing, appeared to have settled down abit following the calamities of last summer,  with a second child on the way and a new deeper role at United that he was enjoying. But the truth is that Rooney is burnt out, lacking in form and most importantly self discipline and control.

Rooney admitted to sleeping with Jenny Thompson  (Image from Getty)
Rooney admitted to sleeping with Jenny Thompson
(Image from Getty)

More concerned about correcting his receding hairline than his growing waistline, Rooney has looked off the pace and out of sorts this season, often hiding in the formidable shadow now cast by star man, Robin Van Persie. Even for England, Rooney has lacked fizzle, only shining in unimportant games like the match against Brazil, most noticeably when scouts are watching.  Hodgson has moaned about the pressure built upon Rooneys shoulders to be the talisman for his country yet fails to give him a consistant partner to help which hasnt helped his form. Rooney is in a slide and only he can pull himslef out, if he wants to that is.

All alone - Too much pressure on Rooney to be the goal threat for England  (Image from Getty)
All alone – Too much pressure on Rooney to be the goal threat for England
(Image from Getty)

It could be that he is done, not as in finished but done as in mentally and physically exhausted after playing at the very top levels of football since his dazzling introduction at Everton as a 16 year old. Now approaching 30, Rooney could ansd probably is worn out but afraid to say so, especially to those wjo constantly demand more at United. A move solves this problem, with an escape to a new land, a new team and a new challenge giving him the space ti breath. But with any multi million pound transfer and astromocial wages comes pressure to succed, something Rooney may not be able to do. If he moves and fails to correct his rut, Rooney could damage more than just his pride as he watches a dream move turn into a nightmare. The reputation as one of the world best strikers he has built over the years could be damaged beyond all recognition with a poor season abroad.

Rooney Burst Onto The Scene at Everton  (Image from Getty)
Rooney Burst Onto The Scene at Everton
(Image from Getty)

Lacklusture is not in the vocabulary of winners but for Rooney it might be all he can muster. If that genuinely is the case then staying with United may be the best course of action for the player.  Afterall he is not being shown the door by Moyes, the man who incidentally gave Rooney is first ever start at Everton, but instead leaving it up ti Rooney to decide his next step. Leta just hope for everyone sakes, inlcuding the player himself,  the Rooney makes the right decision.

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