Levy’s Master Plan To Sell Bale to Madrid

Tottenham's Gareth Bale could be on his way to Madrid (Image from AFP)Gareth Bale will be a Real Madrid player before the end of the summer whether Tottenham fans want it or not. It will be disappointing news for the Spurs faithful who have watched Bale grow as a player over the last six years, even standing by him during his problematic first two seasons. But all good things must come to an end and it’s surely only a matter of time before Daniel Levy finally accepts a wonder bid from the Spanish giant after the last bid of £82million was rejected. Real chairman Florentino Pérez always gets his man and it’s clear that the only name on Carlo Ancelotti’s wish list is that of the Welsh winger.

Shrewd negotiator - Daniel Levy  (Image from PA)
Shrewd negotiator – Daniel Levy
(Image from PA)

Levy is playing a very smart game. He is a tried and tested negotiator but he knows that every man has his price and that it is his job to get the highest amount possible for his club. But at the moment Levy is stalling, partly to drive the price for the Bale north but also so that he and new football director Franco Baldini can go out and sign the players that Andre Villas Boas needs before he can let the current PFA player of the year and FWA footballer of the year depart. Tottenham are spending their money now knowing that a huge pay day is just around the corner which makes a lot of sense considering the rising player costs associated with the news that you have just come into a small fortune.

Clean sweep - Player of the Season Bale picks up his awards (Image from PFA)
Clean sweep – Player of the Season Bale picks up his awards
(Image from PFA)

Look at Manchester City and in particular the amounts that they had to pay to get the players they wanted after the oil money arrived. It’s hard to associate a reason behind why Joleon Lescott would be considered a £22 million defender or why James Milner cost a mind boggling £28.5million except for the fact that the club owners who had the players under contract suddenly only saw dollar signs. Granted both were internationals but when you compare Lescott to Nemanja Vidic or Barry to Rafael van der Vaart who both cost considerably less than their City counterparts, you get the sense that City were taken for every penny they had.

Bale and Ronaldo in the same team has fans excited  (Image from Getty)
Bale and Ronaldo in the same team has fans excited
(Image from Getty)

Levy will be wary of the same knock on effect happening to Spurs following the world record breaking sale of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid. He is doing his shopping now whilst prices are still reasonable and within range of what the player is actually worth. Paulinho has been secured as has Belgian winger Nacer Chadli and the signing of Spanish striker Roberto Soldado from Valencia should be completed within the next week or so. Once his shopping is done, the door will be unlocked and Bale will be allowed to leave, that is if Levy is happy with the deal he gets. Real are desperate to sign Bale and may even throw in Argentinean wing sensation Angel Di Maria into the deal along with £80million plus to get their man. If that deal is put on the table, Levy should accept it as quickly as he can, safe in the knowledge that once again he has done his very best to secure a dream deal for Tottenham.

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