How Much Do You Want The Job Gus? Oh That Much

Mine, all mine - Poyet eyes Sunderland job (Image from Getty)Have you ever wanted a job so bad that you would literally do anything to get it? It might not be your dream job but it’s likely better than the one you are in so going above and beyond so doesn’t seem unreasonable.  Take for instance publicly stating your interest even before the hiring committee has announced if they are interested in you? What about calling them to say you are the right person, the one they are looking for so no need to continue looking? What about calling other candidates to make sure they aren’t that interested in the role? Too far? Well not for Gus Poyet it would seem.

Short on Candidates - Ellis surveys managerial landscape  (Image from PA)
Short on Candidates – Ellis surveys managerial landscape
(Image from PA)

The former Brighton boss has his heart set on replacing Paolo Di Canio at Sunderland and nothing it seems is too far for Poyet in his quest. But calling up former Chelsea teammate Roberto Di Matteo, who has been touted as a likely candidate, to see if he would be going for the role or not, smells a little like desperation to us. After all it’s Sunderland (no offence to Sunderland fans); it’s hardly Manchester United, Arsenal or Chelsea. Yes it’s a Premiership club but a troubled one at that. Five managers in five years under the guidance of an American owner who lacks direction and knowledge of the game doesn’t make for the best work environment for a new manager.

Roberto - You're not interested right? (Image from Getty)
Roberto – You’re not interested right?
(Image from Getty)

Poyet’s resume as a manager is still a work in progress but early signs during his spell as Brighton boss suggest he has potential to be a superb manager, but then again so did Di Canio at Swindon.  We all know how that one worked out. Poyet’s departure from Brighton still goes down as one of the most cringe worthy dismissals of all time and has left a black mark on the Brighton franchise. Poyet was going through a somewhat troubling time at Brighton, was relieved of his duties live on air whilst presenting from the BBC. Being told by Mark Chapman via a press release from your club has to be one of the worst ways to find out that your employers no longer require your services. It’s understandable why Poyet is so keen to get back into management, in order to repair his reputation but his public displays of affection for Sunderland really aren’t helping his image.

Paolo Di Can't  - Mistake fro Sunderland  (Image from AP)
Paolo Di Can’t – Mistake fro Sunderland
(Image from AP)

Poyet is in the running for the Sunderland job, despite his overly keen approach but faces competition from Steve McLaren, Tony Pullis and Roberto Di Matteo (even if he has said he’s not interested, an attractive package could tempt him back into management). But for Poyet, he may want to dial back his enthusiasm for the job, just in case he misses out. Like dating, no-one likes the smell of desperation, he needs to treat Sunderland mean and keep them keen. Or something like that.

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