He Shoots, He Scores…Asprilla Considers Offer To Become A Pornstar

Faustino - the Player, the Pornstar? (Image from Getty)Faustino Asprilla is a man of many talents but now the former Newcastle and Colombian legend is being offered a new opportunity to showcase a unique set of skills as a porn star. The 43 year old has been approached by an adult film company in his native Colombia to be the face and well something else of their new site. Santa Latina.com published an open letter to Faustino on their website making him an offer to show viewers how good his close control and ball skills are as a porn actor.

The cleanest image we could find for SantaLatina.com  (Image from Google images)
The cleanest image we could find for SantaLatina.com
(Image from Google images)

The letter offered Asprilla a 20 million pesos a week contract as a porn star (around £6,574). With a little training, Film makers Christian Garcia and Andrea Cipriani believe that Asprilla could have a new profession now that his playing days are over. The offer was picked up by Colombian newspaper El Heraldo by a journalist who was just browsing the web (obviously) and translated for the global press. It reads:

Dear Faustino Asprilla

From 1726 Media
SantaLatina.com have followed for years your successful career, which has made you a national icon invaluable in Colombia.

We are convinced that the style of life you lead and the media controversy that has been vital causes that we dared to make the following proposal.

As you know, SantaLatina.com is an adult entertainment site. And that’s why we offer 20 million pesos for a week as a porn actor.

This is a unique offering, which await your prompt response. We are convinced that with a little training could exploit another talent throughout Colombia knows you have.

Asprilla poses for a Colombian magazine in his birthday suit  (Image from Getty)
Asprilla poses for a Colombian magazine in his birthday suit
(Image from Getty)

The letter, which looks more like a publicity stunt than a genuine offer has yet to be answered by Asprilla or his people but it wouldn’t surprise many if he decided to go through with it. The player, known as the Octopus because of his unique style of running, has lead a controversial life which along with fellow Colombian icons Carlos Valderrama, Freddy Rincon and Rene Higuita is now being played out as part of a TV soap opera. But this latest twist would change the format of the show somewhat and potentially make it compelling viewing for a more selective crowd. Asprilla is no stranger to the adult entertainment world after he tried to woo a porn star whilst he was still married and posed nude for magazines back home in Colombia with little concern for consequences. Asprilla is likely to mull over the opportunity whilst on holiday in Italy this month but it wouldn’t be a shock if Asprilla decides to start entertaining crowds once more, even if it’s in a different way.

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