Fan Revolt At Stockport Over Revolting Fans

Revolt at Stockport over smelly fans (Image from Getty)It’s usually the football that stinks and not the fans, but at Stockport County the fans are staging a revolt against two revolting fans. Fans of the Edgeley Park side have decided to take affirmative action after two of their own started to show up to matches smelling somewhat unsavory. The fans in question have not been identified nor has the exact nature of the smell but fellow supporters felt compelled enough to say something after suffering too long in silence. In typical British fashion, as to not cause too much offence and avoid confrontation, the surrounding fans drafted a letter instructing the pair to wash before coming back.

The smell was too overpowering to ignore  (Image from PA)
The smell was too overpowering to ignore
(Image from PA)

The note was left on the seats that the pair tended to frequent and was addressed only “to the two guys in black leather jackets who have recently started sitting in some of these seats”.  It went on to explain how the smelling duo were ruining the match day experience for everyone else as the smell from either their clothes or the men themselves was so overpowering that they couldn’t ignore it. With many of the affected fans being season ticket holders, they are unable to move to another seat in another stand so have had to take action.

“Sorry. There’s no way to put this without hurting your feelings, but one or both of you stinks and it is ruining the experience of those around you. Many of us are season ticket holders and it is very unfair that we have to spend the best part of two hours every game with a foul smell like this around us. Please either have a good wash and change your clothes or go and sit elsewhere. Thanks”

The letter to the fans in question  (Image from Stockport FC)
The letter to the fans in question
(Image from Stockport FC)

The note concluded by reinforcing the message in case there was any doubt over the pungent nature of the smell, simply stating “And yes, it is that bad.” Given Stockport’s recent form on the pitch which has left them languishing in 15th place in the Conference North league, having smelly fans is probably the last thing that they need. There has been no word yet on whether the note has been successful in convincing the pair to take to the showers but for the sake of the other fans, here is hoping that it has. If the letter hasn’t worked, maybe leaving a bar of soap on their seats or some deodorant may make it clearer for the smelly duo.

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