Russia’s WADA ban – What you need to know

Russia will not be allowed participate in the World Cup 2022. What else do WADA sanctions lead to?

The decision of the WADA Executive Committee, which for four years removed all Russian sport from the Olympic and world championships, will hit our football as well. Most importantly, Euro 2020 matches will be held in Russia, and the Russian team will perform at the tournament. However, at the World Cup 2022, there will not be Russian team, even if it goes through all qualifying games.

Euro 2020: everything is safe

The World Anti-Doping Agency clarified the issue of the European Championship 2020. This tournament is held under the auspices of UEFA, and this organization is not a signer of either the Compliance Standard or the WADA Code. And the tournament itself is continental, and accordingly does not belong to the concept of major events.

Nothing threatens the holding of Euro 2020 matches in Russia. As well as the participation of the Russian team in this tournament. Russian National team will hold at least three matches next summer in Saint Petersburg and Copenhagen in the form of a national team, the design of which has not yet been finalized. May be more, but here it all depends only on the results.

World Cup 2022: the Russian team only in the selection

In the qualifying matches for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Russian team will also be able to play, as usual. Although this is part of the tournament held under the auspices of FIFA, but part is continental.

But the Russian team will not go to Qatar in any case, even if it breaks through there. This was stated by WADA representatives at a press conference in Lausanne, but the final decision is for FIFA. Although even such a powerful international federation is unlikely to go against WADA.

And what team will go to Qatar instead of Russia if our team gets a ticket there? The team of neutral athletes, each of whom must receive a separate admission to participate. However, it will still be Russian team, even if there is a chance that individual players will not be allowed to the World Cup.

Final Champions League 2021 and European Cups: nothing will change

Club tournaments are not included in the major events category. So, nothing threatens the participation of Russian clubs in European competition. As well as holding the final of the Champions League season 2020/21 in Saint Petersburg.

What about Euro 2024

Judging by the fact that the sanctions are prescribed for four years, then by the European Championship in 2024 they should be lifted. So even if WADA forces UEFA to sign a compliance standard and a code, Russian sport should by then end the ban.

However, it makes no sense to think for such a long time. Russia needs to deal with current punishments. Hopefully, all Russian officials involved in the scandal will also receive their punishment. Russia has already launched a formal appeal.

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