Finnish Trickster Hurskainen Out To Prove He Is No Fake

Lassi Hurskainen (Image from have all seen the ads when a famous footballer like Lionel Messi, David Beckham or Kaka performs a mind-blowing trickshot before carelessly turning around and promoting a brand. For the brands, this is all about buying the cool that is celebrity endorsements and the synergies connected with their product and what the user has just seen. Most of the time however these clips are faked, made by the brand to look real but in reality are impossible for the athlete to perform. However there is a young pretender out there now in the form of unknown 25-year-old  Lassi Hurskainen, who when he isn’t playing in-goal for Jippo Joensuu in the Finnish second division, is filming himself performing tricks and uploading them to YouTube.  In the short time he has been doing it, Hurskainen has become a YouTube star in his own right with fans clambering to see his latest stunt.

Lassi Hurskainen and his trickshots (Image from Youtube/Kick)
Lassi Hurskainen and his trickshots
(Image from YouTube/Kick)

The appeal for many is that Hurskainen makes it look effortless. From curling a ball over 30 yards perfectly so it hits a Coke can or kicking the ball into a moving shopping trolley, Hurskainen’s tricks are impressive. But sceptics believe that not everything is as it seems and that the young Finn is faking his trickshots just to get media attention. But now  Hurskainen is hitting back, claiming his shots are 100% real and he is happy to prove it at any time to anyone including one David Beckham. Beckham has made a successful side career for himself away from the pitch by starring in TV adverts. One ad in particular had his fans drooling, where a relaxed Beckham was challenged to curl three footballs into three respective bins several meters away on a beach. The ad for Pepsi shows Beckham take up the challenge and proceed to put away all three balls with little effort.

Beckham in the Pepsi Ad (Image from Youtube/Pepsi)
Beckham in the Pepsi Ad
(Image from YouTube/Pepsi)

But those in the know including Hurskainen claim the ad cannot be real for several reasons including the downward speed of the ball as it enters the trashcan, the projection of the shot and the sheer chances of being able to do such a thing. Neither Beckham nor Pepsi have ever commented on the ad or accusations over whether its real or not, most likely because the ad has performed incredibly well, with users watching it multiple times to try to figure out for themselves the truth. But Hurskainen is convinced it’s not real and has now challenged Beckham to meet him and attempt the challenge again. Hurkainen is keen to prove he is not a fake also and believes the media limelight that Beckham will bring will allow him to showcase his tricks and prove they are 100% genuine. To most viewers, his bag of tricks look impossible so he may have a job on his hands to prove them wrong. Decided for yourself by watching the clip below and checking out Hurskainen’s YouTube channel.

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